Monday, July 05, 2010

Food, Lies and Video Tape...

Have you been keeping up with what is going on with GM and GMO -- the use of genetically modified organisms in our food supply?

Most people hardly realize just how much of their daily 'typical' diet might already contain genetically modified ingredients. This is perhaps especially so in the US where some major commodites are now almost entirely GM, or GMO adulterated, resources these days...

Take a look at some recent posts on our other 'blog for more details, including a comprehensive article and 'must see' video and audio interview from and with Jeffery Smith, a world authority on Genetically Modified food in our food chain, and its possible future (scary) implications!!: -- Genetically Modified Foods

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To your future health and that of your children.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inspirational People

Going natural and organic is becoming a popular choice amongst those with even a semblance of enlightenment about what is happening around them. But there are inspirational people who can help guide the way...

In a world where we are increasingly polluting the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe... not to mention directly polluting our bodies by other means like plastering ourselves in toxic synthhetic chemical products in the supposed and false belief that it may do our skin some good!! It is easy to be less mindful than we should be that we are a complex organism that has both physical and pyschological dimensions that need tending to appropriately.

Most people know that the 'mind' is powerful, but fewer folks truly realize just how powerful the influence of our beliefs is upon the well-being of our whole system.

The incredible human body can seemingly 'shrug-off' the toxic effects of many of the abuses we perpetrate upon it on a daily basis. This is actually not quite true -- but seems so because regular abuse is a process of attrition, that eventually takes it toll, and ultimately becomes interpreted as the 'natural' occurrence of so-called 'aging'.

Few of us will either not know of a family member, or a friend, or had direct experienc of being told by our medical adviser that this-that-or-the-other problem we are suffering is 'to be expected because of age'! We live in an era of expectation of decline and gradual development of painful and perhaps incapacitatin, chronic illness as a 'normal part of growing old.

This is 'kibosh'... or what might otherwise more 'coarsely' be described as 'utter bollocks'.

There is in fact NOTHING that says that we should expect to suffer painful, life-quality-limiting, mobility-reducing chronic illness as a matter of course as we mature and become an 'older' human being.

But the combination of the power of 'belief' and 'excpectation' of the development of such debilitation and the compound effect of 'daily' toxic abuses is continuing to create the illusion that we all end up either crippled physically and/or mentally deteriorating into a senile and senseless condition.

What would be truly incredible would be if we COULD so regularly consume foods, breathe air, and drink water that all contain known carcinogens, mutagens and other chemical debilitators -- alongside a diurnal diet of 'noxious-news' from all forms of media, alongside suffering increasing stress as a result of 'modern lifestyles' -- and not end us seeing our truly miraculous self-repairinf bilogical system finally beginning to 'give in' after about half-a-century.

Undoubtedly we need to take-stock of all the ways we are regularly undermining our health and begin to make the necessary changes whilst our system still has the resilience to recuperate.

This must be done via all the avenues possible.

And while many people do choose to 'clean up' their act, after they pass that milestone of the 40-th year, by improving dietary habits, increasing their regular exercise, reducing 'habitual' toxic habits (like drinking alcohol and using tobacco), or taking so-called 'recreational' drugs and try to reduce their reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, whilst also ensuring that their sources of air, water and personal products are as toxin free as possible...

They can still often forget to 'tend' to their most important resource of all...

Their mind!

Refusing to wallow in daily tales of world wide misery and woe by switching off the TV, the radio, and refusing to read (I hesistate even to call them) news(hah!!)papers -- is just a start...

Nourishing your mental resources by absorbing the lessons imparted by inspirational individuals is another useful step to take...

Here is a link to a good number of free videos, recodings and articles from and about some of the leading lights of the new-wave of holistic thinking and being:

Inpirational People: resources at

There is a lot to absorb -- so switch off that daily diet of TV news and take it in over the coming weeks...

It will be better for you, for those around you, and ultimately for the world, if you can learn to break free of the 'stranglehold' that the media may have upon you --

TV, radio and much of the Internet are simply the 'weapons of mass distraction' that are employed in order to impose the will of the commercially powerful elite... and shape your mind, your choices and your beliefs... and it is only you who can choose to stop being mesmerized by this 'aural and visual' poison is intoxicating your brain.

If you progress in life in the expectation that after you pass 50-years of age you will inevitably begin to 'fall apart' -- rest-assured what you believe will become your reality...

It is time to change your beliefs!

Good luck!

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Simply a 'must see' for anyone who has an interest in food and health (and if you do not - then it is probably EVEN MORE important that you see this eye-opening video) - click the image to go to the trailer.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

if you've stumbled on Safer Alternative's Toxic Timebomb Blogspot blog, you will have noticed that this 'blog has been somewhat neglected in terms of recent posts!

This is because of a variety of developments including a new site for the continuance of this blogs intent:

Please visit the NEW Safer Alternative blog on its own new domain at:

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(If you found the blog before the typos were corrected please accept apologies - I blame the, really, I do...most of the letters have rubbed off it...that and my total inability to proof read efficiently - of course ;))

Saturday, February 02, 2008

For thrush treatment reviews and information about all natural treatments for yeast infection and Candida albicans visit Amelia's website and blogs at:

Thrush Symptoms and Treatment Reviews

This post replaces the reference to Ameali's Ning site which had been posted to with irrelevent photos.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodness me! Time flies...whether you are enjoying yourself or not it seems!

Anyway here comes another of the rather intermittent efforts that have graced this blog of late. But this is an important one -- at least if you are suffering from nagging ill health. If your health has been up and down, if you are debilitated, fatigued, feeling off it. Even if you are suffering a (perceived) more 'serious' health challenge, such as diabetes then if you have not looked into 'alkalizing' your body through overhauling your diet you ought to.

Dr Robert O Young has been on a crusade for many years and has become a pre-eminent proponent of the 'alkaline lifestyle'. He talks the talk and walks the walk, and he and his wife Shelley Redford Young, who co-authors some of the publications that bear Dr Young's name, look pretty good on it.

Dr Young has also pioneered live blood studies that allow the analyst to determine just how 'ill' your body is, through examining the pattern of blood cells and their condition. Something that dry blood slides just CANNOT provide an insight to (yet this is the way most modern medical establishments still assess blood samples!).

In an effort to spread the word Dr Rob Young gave a keynote presentation in Omaha and the video of this insight into the whys, hows and wherefores of alkalizing your body are fascinating.

Already many 100's have testified to the turnaround in their health from having adopted Dr Young's lifestyle makeover advice. Although, as you'll guess, there are skeptics and gainsayers, but the proof is in the pudding it would seem!

Take an early look at the videos here:

There are 7 segments each lasting about 10 minutes, and all free to view. This page was put together to host all 7 in one convenient place.

There is also a useful list of alkaline foods at which could help you to start to overhaul your diet and gain the apparent health benefits sooner rather than later.

Post submitted by: Al G Smith

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

New articles posted on about GERD, Acid Reflux and finding natural cures for digestive problems.

Take a quick look here when you have a moment:

And more natural cure links and articles via this page too:

Still possible to claim your FREE copy of the Toxic Ingredient Spotter's Guide, so grab that too while you are there!